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Non Imaging Optics
Greenhouse Effect
Photonics Solutions: Nonimaging Optics

The divergence angle/area relationship - etendue - is a constant of the optical system.

In nonimaging optics, the optical surface contour needed to transform the input beam to the
desired output beam profile is not well defined except in simple cases.
Nonimaging optical design requires careful optimization of the surface contour.  

etendue is given by:
Nonimaging Optics
This is the optical statement of the second law of thermodynamics

Which do you want?

Small area and large beam divergence?
Large area and small beam divergence?

You can’t have your cake and eat it too!
Energy Efficient Optics For:
  • Illumination
  • Solar Concentrators
  • Laser Pumping
Why Use Nonimaging Optics?
Higher Collection Angles and Improved Beam
Uniformity Compared to Conventional Imaging Optics
Imaging Optics requires a mapping between an object and an image plane.

Nonimaging Optics must simply meet certain angular and spatial intensity requirements.  In
imaging terms, aberrations are allowed.  

        This makes nonimaging optics more energy efficient
Imaging and  Nonimaging Optics
Some Assembly Required:

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