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Bull$hit: Peer Reviews of Equilibrium Climate Pseudo$cience

The peer review process in climate science has collapsed and been replaced by blatant
cronyism.  Our so called ‘climate $cientists’ try to reject anything that contradicts the Dogma of
the Global Warming Cult by claiming that it has not been peer reviewed.  In reality, the peer
review description of the publications of the entire cult obtained using Equilibrium Climate
Pseudo$cience can be summarized with one word: Bull$shit.  This is bullshit with a dollar sign
included to denote the multi-trillion dollar fraud.  Here, selected papers in Equilibrium Climate
Pseudo$cience are peer reviewed to show what bull$hit they really are.  To start, a brief review
of equilibrium climate bull$hit is provided.  
Key Words:  
Bull$hit; Historical Bull$hit; Complete and Utter Bull$hit; Radiative Forcing Bull$hit;
Computer Modeling Bull$hit; Attribution Bull$hit; Hot Spot Bull$hit; Bull$hit
Predictions; Warming Bull$hit; Iced Bull$hit; Sea Level Bull$hit; Extreme Weather
Bull$hit; Paleobull$hit; Coral Bleaching Bull$hit; Climate Engineering Bull$hit;
Psychobabble Bull$hit; Legal Bull$hit; IPCC Bull$hit; $cientific $ociety Bull$hit.
Introduction: A Brief Review of Equilibrium Climate Pseudo$cience

What part of multi-trillion dollar climate fraud don’t you understand?

The first person to discuss the temperature of the earth was Joseph Fourier.  No bull$hit, in
1824 he got a lot of things right.  He clearly recognized that there was a daily and an annual
variation in subsurface ground temperatures produced by solar heating of the surface and that
there was a depth dependent time difference (phase shift) between the intensity of the solar flux
and the change in subsurface temperature.  This is characteristic of non-equilibrium energy
storage.  He also recognized the role of convection in both atmospheric and ocean thermal

Climate bull$hit started with Pouillet in 1838 and Tyndall in 1863.  Pouillet introduced the
concept of an equilibrium average climate.  Tyndall was the first to measure the IR properties of
2 and H2O.  He speculated that an Ice Age could be caused by changes in atmospheric CO2
concentration.  However the first big pile of climate bull$hit came from Arrhenius in 1896.  He was
the first to try and estimate the change the temperature of the earth produced by an increase in
atmospheric CO
2 concentration.  To do this he had to leave physical reality behind and assume
an equilibrium average climate.  He used an imaginary earth in which there was a 24 hour
average absorbed solar flux that balanced an average long wave IR (LWIR) emission back to
space.  This idea was not new.  Arrhenius traced back the climate equilibrium assumption to
Poulliet in 1838.  However, he did not apparently understand anything about climate surface
energy transfer and the need for a thermal gradient to dissipate the absorbed solar heat.  He
threw out the Second Law of Thermodynamics and it has not yet returned to equilibrium climate

The bull$hit continued at a relatively low level for over 50 years.  Callendar proposed CO
induced global warming in 1938.  Burt Bolin and Roger Revelle continued the speculation about
CO2 and a young Carl Sagan blamed the high temperatures on Venus on a ‘greenhouse
effect’.  However, the real bull$hit started with the first attempts to build a climate model using a
computer.  The first accepted model was developed by Manabe and Weatherald (M&W) in
1967.  They started from the average climate equilibrium assumption which removed the laws of
physics from their model, starting with the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Then they added
even more bull$hit including a blackbody surface with zero heat capacity and a fixed relative
humidity distribution.  They were quite honest and listed their assumptions on the second page
of their paper.  However, they created global warming bull$hit as a mathematical artifact of their
simplifying assumptions.  At the time, the bull$hit equilibrium climate assumption was accepted
and their basic radiative transfer results were reasonable.  No one bothered to examine the
underlying assumptions.  Eisenhower’s warning about the corruption of science by Government
funding had started to become true.  M&W wanted more funding so they could string together a
bunch of their bull$hit models and create much larger bull$hit global circulation models (GCM).  
Manabe began to develop an ocean circulation model Other researchers then recognized the
gravy train that M&W had created and started to create more climate modeling bull$hit.  They
jumped on the gravy train, shut out physical reality and started bull$hitting.  The technical part of
the climate fraud had started.  

The need for money then started to over-ride any consideration of scientific integrity.  The
Apollo (moon landing) program ended in 1972, so NA$A was desperate for money.  A group at
NA$A Goddard got involved in climate $tudies and started to add their own modeling bull$hit to
the bull$hit from M&W.  The foundation of the climate fraud was established by 1979 when the
Charney Report was published.  Using the bull$hit models available at the time, this report
sanctified global warming with a bull$hit estimate of 3±1.5 C for a doubling of the atmospheric
2 concentration.  In addition this started the practice of comparing one bull$hit computer
model to another based on CO
2 doubling without letting physical reality intervene.

The Department of Energy was created in 1977 in response to the oil crisis at that time.  It
swallowed up the old Atomic Energy Commission.  The demand for nuclear scientists declined as
nuclear test activities and commercial nuclear reactor development slowed.  Since some climate
studies involved isotope analysis, this was a natural topic for otherwise unemployable
government scientists.  No one bothered to look too deeply into the climate bull$shit and the
climate fraud continued to gain momentum.  The supercomputers at Livermore and Los Alamos
could now be used to generate even more climate modeling bull$hit.  

By 1981, Han$en at NA$A Goddard had finished building the rest of the bull$hit modeling
foundation needed to establish the great global warming fraud.  He added a bull$hit ‘slab’ ocean
to his climate model.  Then he created the bull$hit of ‘radiative forcing’ to convert the calculated
change in LWIR flux into a bull$hit temperature increase without doing any thermal engineering
analysis.  Finally he did a bull$hit bait and switch trick and changed from the surface
temperature to the weather station temperature record without considering the differences.

At this time however, the temperature record was not cooperating and the climate cooled from
the 1940s to the mid 1970s.  This was used to create the bull$hit 1970s global cooling scare.  
However, by the early 1980s things had turned around and the climate temperature record had
started to warm again.  The reason for this of course was the influence of the Atlantic Multi-
decadal Oscillation (AMO).  It had nothing to do with CO
2.  By 1985, bull$hit ‘global warming’ was
found in the climate record.  A big bull$hit review was conducted by the US DOE to proclaim the
new warming and request more money.  In reality it was just the same old bull$hit models
churning out the same bull$hit results.  

The exploitation of global warming bull$hit by political and environmental groups had started in
the 1970s, but grew rapidly in the 1980s.  Politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Al Gore got
involved and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in
1988.  This was designed to take the climate modeling bull$hit and create simple sensational
bull$hit that politicians could use.  The pseudo$cience was rewritten to match the politics.  
Money really started to flow.  A vast secondary industry of bull$hitters - policy analysts,
economists, geologists, geographers, ecologists, psychologists, sociologists and other assorted
‘experts’ was created and funded to bull$hit about every aspect of this nonexistent global
warming problem.  Sensational bull$hit stories of global warming disasters provided lucrative
revenue for the news media.  The Kyoto Protocol for climate bull$hit was established in 1997
and ratified in 2005.  The voluntary Paris accord was established in 2015 to further perpetuate
the bull$hit.

The bull$hit climate fraud was first revealed in 2009, when a large archive of e-mails and other
files from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia was released on the
Internet.  This ‘climategate’ archive has revealed the extent of the climate bull$hit to the outside
world.  The earth itself has now revealed the climate bull$hit for anyone that cares to look.  The
AMO has started to switch to its cooling phase and climate temperatures have stopped rising.  
However, the fox is guarding the henhouse.  Groups at NA$A, NOAA and elsewhere have been
manipulating the temperature record using ‘homogenization’ to create additional warming.  Even
so, the bull$hit models have still failed.  

Global warming has degenerated into a quasi-religious cult where belief in bull$hit climate model
results has become a source of money and power.  The climate modelers are still living inside a
cocoon of lies surrounded by a wall of gold painted garbage cans overflowing with bull$hit.  Our
politicians are now trying to steal more money for a ‘green deal’.  Green political horse$hit has
now combined with climate bull$hit.  Eisenhower’s warning about the corruption of science by
Government has come true.  Our so called ‘climate $cientists’ are trapped in a web of lies of their
own making.  
The web of climate pseudo$cience lies with Dolly the dollar spider
Bull$hit Categories

Given the extremely large number of published climate papers, climate bull$hit has to be divided
into various categories.  The following topics have been identified, although more may need to
be added.

1.0 Historical Bull$hit

This topic is for papers published before 1967 when Manabe and Wetherald published their
radiative convective equilibrium model.  These papers were generally honest and clearly stated
their equilibrium assumptions.  They provided the foundation for later climate bull$hit when
subsequent p$eudo$cientists failed to understand the implications of the equilibrium climate
assumption.  They lost the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

2.0 Complete and Utter Bull$hit

The papers in this topic established the foundation of the radiative convective equilibrium model
bull$hit.  This includes the work of Manabe, Wetherald, Hansen and associated cronies.  

3.0 Radiative Forcing Bull$hit

Once radiative forcing bull$hit was established, the authors of the papers in this topic jumped
onto the gravy train and closed the blinds to the physical reality outside.  The work here is
nothing more than the mathematical masturbation of a meaningless set of flux equations.  Using
the HITRAN database, they could calculate the increase in atmospheric LWIR flux from any IR
active ‘greenhouse gas’.  Then, using the radiative forcing bull$hit they could create a scary
temperature rise and get more research money for more of the same bull$hit.  

4.0 Computer Modeling Bull$hit

The authors of papers in this topic inherited the legacy of computer bull$hit started by Manabe
and Wetherald and then by Hansen and company.  They did everything to improve the computer
code and add more features without altering the underlying bull$hit assumptions.  Garbage in,
garbage out and just put more gold paint on the garbage can.  They did not even try and look
for the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  

The computer models can generate so much bull$hit that some subcategories are needed.  A
couple have been identified.

4.1 Attribution Bullshit

This is process of running a bull$hit computer model with and without a particular ‘forcing agent’
and pretending that the result somehow proves the agent is responsible for ‘human caused
global warming’.  One of the more common and egregious examples is attribution of CO
2 forcing
to ocean warming.  

4.2 Hot Spot Bull$hit

One of the more contentious parts of climate modeling bull$hhit is the detection of ‘water vapor
feedback’.  Somehow the non-existent heating of the ‘surface’ by CO2 is amplified by an
increase in water vapor concentration.  This bull$hit process is supposed to be detected as a
‘hot spot’ in the middle tropical troposphere.  This has never been found in spite of every effort
to create one.  

5.0 Bull$hit Predictions

The basic requirement of any computer model of physical reality is that the model correctly
calculate the physical observables it is supposed to simulate.  This topic includes the use of
bull$hit climate model results and the use of bull$hit data to create bull$hit predictions of any
kind of climate change.  A preliminary list of six prediction subtopics has been identified, but
more may be added.   

5.1 Warming Bull$hit

This is the use of bull$hit climate models to ‘predict’ the increase in ‘surface temperature’.  The
primary outputs here are the ‘sacred spaghetti plots’ used to create ‘ensemble averages’ of
temperature ‘predictions’.  However, the ensemble average of a collection of gold painted
garbage cans overflowing with bull$hit is still a putrid mess.  

5.2 Iced Bull$hit

This is the use of bull$hit climate models to ‘predict’ the decrease in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

5.3 Sea Level Bull$hit

This is the use of bull$hit climate models to ‘predict’ dramatic increases in sea level even though
no such increases can be found in the tide gauge record.

5.4 Extreme Weather Bull$hit

This is the use of any kind of bull$hit, not just models to associate the increase in CO2
concentration with every imaginable kind of weather related disaster including hurricanes, heat
waves, cold spells, floods, droughts, locusts, pestilence, infertility etc.

5.5 PaleoBull$hit

This is the use of climate proxies to create bull$hit related to the climate record prior to the use
of thermometers.  

5.6 Coral Bleaching Bull$hit

This is the use of any kind of bull$hit, not just models to associate the increase in CO2
concentration with the exaggerated demise of coral reefs.  This is mainly related to coral
bleaching particularly in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Such bleaching is normal coral
behavior and is one of the reasons why corals are resilient and have survived for millions of

6.0 Climate Engineering Bull$hit

This includes bull$hit proposals and analysis on ways to cool the earth’s climate, such as
injecting aerosols into the stratosphere.  

7.0 Psychobabble Bull$hit

This is the use of psychobabble, such as statistical surveys to create bull$hit on why people
‘deny’ climate model results.  What part of the Second Law of Thermodynamics don’t you

8.0 Legal Bull$hit

This is the abuse of the legal system by trying to use climate bull$hit of any kind as evidence to
sue companies for damages because they somehow ‘damaged’ the climate.  

9.0 IPCC Bull$hit

This includes the bull$hit IPCC reports and related ‘climate assessment’ reports.

10.0 $cientific $ociety Bull$hit

Various $cientific $ocieties have published strongly worded statements supporting global
warming bull$hit even over the objections of members of the society.  These societies are more
interested in helping some of their members steal grant money than they are in promoting
Bull$hit the Climate Bull