Roy Clark PhD, President

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Please Note: Roy Clark is now retired. However, he is still conducting sensor related research. Recent results are posted on this site. He may still be contacted for advice on optics and photonics.

Ventura Photonics provides consulting and design services for photonics related products including advanced illumination, optical sensors and optical systems integration. Capabilities include microscope illumination, fluorescence, UV curing systems, autocollimators, solar concentrators, fiber optics, optical and spectroscopic sensors, polarimetry, stray light analysis and optical systems integration. Design and analysis tools include Light Tools and the HITRAN database. Ventura Photonics also conducts research on various sensor related topics including atmospheric radiative transfer and energy transfer at the land-air and ocean-air interfaces. See the Research Pages.

Dr. Roy Clark, founder and president of Ventura Photonics has over 30 years of experience in optics and spectroscopy with emphasis on new product and process development for adverse environments. He has 8 US Patents in the areas of illumination, higher energy lasers, optical sensors and optics components.