Ventura Photonics
Non Imaging Optics
Greenhouse Effect
Optical Systems, Illumination, Solar Energy, Stray Light, Remote Sensing, Global Warming
Ventura Photonics provides research and consulting services and develops products for
remote sensing, optical sensors and nonimaging optical devices.  Applications include optical
sensors, environmental monitoring, illumination and solar collectors, stray light analysis and
optical systems integration.

Design and analysis tools include Light Tools and the HITRAN database.  


Ventura Photonics has conducted extensive studies into the causes and effects that
underlie global warming, particularly in relation to surface energy transfer.  The results can be
summarized quite simply:
It is impossible for a 100 ppm increase in atmospheric CO2
concentration to cause any kind of global warming.
 Weather and climate are set by ocean
surface temperatures and only the sun can heat the oceans.  This is discussed in more detail
on the Global Warming Pages.
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Ventura Photonics First Research Monograph:

VPM 001: The Dynamic Greenhouse Effect and the Climate
Averaging Paradox

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The Dynamic Greenhouse
Effect and the Climate
Averaging Paradox
Roy Clark
This book will completely change the way we think about the greenhouse effect. There is no
carbon dioxide induced global warming. The energy transfer processes that determine the
Earth’s climate are dynamic, not static. There is no climate equilibrium on any time scale.
Once this is understood, the whole pseudoscientific façade of forcings and feedbacks and
climate sensitivity factors collapses. A doubling of the atmospheric CO2 concentration has no
effect on the Earth’s climate. The large scale equilibrium climate models have been
fraudulently hard wired to produce global warming. The dynamic greenhouse effect also leads
to a climate averaging paradox. Climate must be calculated as it is measured, as a long term
average of short term variations. There is no shortcut equilibrium calculation that can be
substituted for the real long term average. Over a trillion dollars has been wasted on research
to save the planet from a non-existent problem.